Sound of the Underground: Episode 7 Detailed Info

Click to Listen Now! Vehemian (image from Facebook) Hometown: Dayton, Ohio Description: Deathcore Heard on Podcast: Patient Zero Vehemian is: Kody Hale - Vocals Thomas Hovater - Guitar Zane Jackson - Bass Andrew Cline - Drums Next Show: None Scheduled Vehemian merch, music, and contact info: Bandcamp Facebook   Primordial Entity (image from Bandcamp) Hometown: [...]

The D.O.O.D. drop a banger

The Distinguished Order of Disobedience throw down the gauntlet with second full length release. BUTTERCUP!!! is a brick to the face experience. In thirteen tracks, it manages to lure you in with a tasteful sprinkle of pure carny magic (“The Bottom”), kick you in the fucking teeth (either “Revolution” or “Noose”), promote love and unity [...]

Sound of the Underground: Episode V Detailed Info

Click to Listen Now! WARLAB (image by BamBamJack) Hometown: Tampa Bay, Florida Description: Hardcore Metal Behemoth Heard on Podcast: Don't Trust Anyone WARLAB is: Matt - Vocals Patrick - Guitar Boodle - Guitar Donny - Bass Seth - Drums Next Show: April 28th at the Orpheum in Tampa, with Cypher Machine, Aegea, and Nonpoint. Tickets available [...]

The D.O.O.D.

Some bands are monsters in the studio. Others are killers on the stage. Occasionally, a select few pop up that are masters of video. The truly rare ones, however, are fully capable of blowing your senses in any medium they want. Sarasota's own The D.O.O.D. (short-hand for The Distinguished Order of Disobedience) is firmly entrenched [...]

Darksworn: One Man Killer

The thing about genres: Punk rockers can pick up an instrument, learn a few cords, and proceed to kick ass. Hardcore acts need a little more skill (and learning how to vomit rage without damaging your vocal cords takes practice). Melodic death metal demands technique. Precision, theory, and a deep understanding of your chosen instrument [...]