Sound of the Underground: Episode 6 Detailed Info

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Psykotribe  (image by BamBamJack)

Hometown: Tampa Bay, Florida

Description: Schizophrenic Metal Powerhouse

Heard on Podcast: Vengeance, Faceless Killers

Psykotribe is:

Dana Darkly – Vocals
Jakob Sin – Vocals / Utilities
Chris Lewis – Guitar
Jamez Madness – Guitar                                                                                                                         John Williams – Guitar
Chad Zielesch – Bass
Adam Zielesch – Drums

Next Show: May 19 at Venom’s in New Port Richey, Florida, with WARLAB, Shattered, SevenSins, Re-Birth, and 3KD.

Psykotribe merch, music, and contact info:






C.H.U.D./Causes of Humanity’s Urban Decay  (image by Lexplosive Pictures)

Hometown: Charleston, West Virginia

Description: Trashy Hardcore Street Punk

Heard on Podcast: Evil

C.H.U.D. is:

Terrible Tom – Vocals
Ray Gin – Guitar
Righteous Ricky Steele – Drums
Corey Cadave – Bass

Next Show: July 28 at The Bakery in Charleston, West Virginia, with Super BobBlack PlagueBlackwater Drowning, and Curses.

C.H.U.D. merch, music, and contact info:




Doyle  (image taken from FaceBook)

Hometown: Lodi, New Jersey

Description: Legendary Monster Metal

Heard on Podcast: Dreaming Deadgirls

Doyle is:

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein – Guitar
Alex Story – Vocals
Brandon Strate – Bass
Wade Murff – Drums

Next Show: Oct 9 at Webster Underground in Hartford, Connecticut.

Doyle merch, music, and contact info:






Dark Waters End  (image taken from FaceBook)

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Description: Progressive Death Metal

Heard on Podcast: Velocirapture, Bucket of Flesh

Dark Waters End is:

John William – vocals
Elijah Masiko – guitar
Ian Wright – guitar
Chris Williams – bass
Ian McGarry – drums

Next Show: Unscheduled

Dark Waters End merch, music, and contact info:






Matty Bluntz Rolling Papers

From the Man Himself (printed inside the package):

“You hold in your hand Tampa’s finest rolling papers. A portion of the cost of our products goes to feed the hungry through Random Acts of Kindness, South West Florida. Thank you for your purchase! RandomActsKindness

What else needs to be fucking said? The man is a saint…

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