The D.O.O.D. drop a banger

The Distinguished Order of Disobedience

throw down the gauntlet with second full length release.


BUTTERCUP!!! is a brick to the face experience.

In thirteen tracks, it manages to lure you in with a tasteful sprinkle of pure carny magic (“The Bottom”), kick you in the fucking teeth (either “Revolution” or “Noose”), promote love and unity (“Brothers”), and cover a 90’s hit with unholy darkness (Harvey Danger’s “Flagpole Sitta”).

Musically: Dirty, Heavy, Super-Tight.

Guitarwork approaches Downing/Tipton level interaction, drums and bass are practically welded together, vocal fireworks abound.

Thematically: Dark, Moody, Focused.

Mood and tone are obviously important to The D.O.O.D., because BUTTERCUP!!! delivers (from start to finish) the feeling of road tripping (with carnies), in a ’67 Stingray… with demon-hide seats. On fire.

Final Verdict
BUTTERCUP!!! is death opera, and the world needs more death opera…


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