Sound of the Underground: Knoxville Burning!

Dedicated totally and completely to the crushing metal scene lurking in Knoxville, TN, our Knoxville Burning episode highlights the brutal talents of four area heavy hitters.

Thanks to Justin Seeber of Degaton fame (infamy?) for dialing us in to the neutron star heavy music Tennessee has to offer!

As always, be total badasses and support these peeps by crawling through facebook pages, loading up on merch, and dripping love and appreciation all over social media pages.

Enjoy, fuckers, Death Metal loves you!


photo from facebook


Hometown: Friendsville, TN

Tracks on Podcast: “I, Tyrant” and “Ascension”


Ruins of an Idol is:

Aaron Holden – Bass/Clean Vocals
Blake Blaylock – Guitar/Screams
Jermey Wilburn – Guitar
Matt Glaza – Drums


Ruins of an Idol contact, merch, music, and detailed info:

facebook  bandcamp  youtube


photo from facebook


Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Track on Podcast: “Hollow Moon”


The Reptilian Dilemma is:

Sam Moore – Vocals
Isaac Holloway – Guitar
Jeremy Wilburn – Guitar
Blake Blaylock – Bass
Tyler Cooper- Drums


The Reptilian Dilemma contact, merch, music, and detailed info:

facebook  bandcamp  youtube


photo by Rachel Craig Photos


Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Tracks on Podcast: “Merciless” and “Ruin”


Disarmer is:

Michael Raney – Vocals
Michael Clester – Guitar
Justin Henegar – Bass
Nick Montgomery – Drums


Disarmer contact, merch, music, and detailed info:

facebook  bandcamp  youtube


photo from facebook


Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Track on Podcast: “Do it Again”


Dyngyr is:

Vocals- Lane Osterbur
Guitar-Charlie Boatwright
Guitar- Kyle Beaver
Bass- Brian Rose
Drums- Zach Freeman


Dyngyr contact, merch, music, and detailed info:  facebook  bandcamp  youtube









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