Sound of the Underground: Episode 6 Detailed Info

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Psykotribe  (image by BamBamJack)

Hometown: Tampa Bay, Florida

Description: Schizophrenic Metal Powerhouse

Heard on Podcast: Vengeance, Faceless Killers

Psykotribe is:

Dana Darkly – Vocals
Jakob Sin – Vocals / Utilities
Chris Lewis – Guitar
Jamez Madness – Guitar                                                                                                                         John Williams – Guitar
Chad Zielesch – Bass
Adam Zielesch – Drums

Next Show: May 19 at Venom’s in New Port Richey, Florida, with WARLAB, Shattered, SevenSins, Re-Birth, and 3KD.

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C.H.U.D./Causes of Humanity’s Urban Decay  (image by Lexplosive Pictures)

Hometown: Charleston, West Virginia

Description: Trashy Hardcore Street Punk

Heard on Podcast: Evil

C.H.U.D. is:

Terrible Tom – Vocals
Ray Gin – Guitar
Righteous Ricky Steele – Drums
Corey Cadave – Bass

Next Show: July 28 at The Bakery in Charleston, West Virginia, with Super BobBlack PlagueBlackwater Drowning, and Curses.

C.H.U.D. merch, music, and contact info:




Doyle  (image taken from FaceBook)

Hometown: Lodi, New Jersey

Description: Legendary Monster Metal

Heard on Podcast: Dreaming Deadgirls

Doyle is:

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein – Guitar
Alex Story – Vocals
Brandon Strate – Bass
Wade Murff – Drums

Next Show: Oct 9 at Webster Underground in Hartford, Connecticut.

Doyle merch, music, and contact info:






Dark Waters End  (image taken from FaceBook)

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Description: Progressive Death Metal

Heard on Podcast: Velocirapture, Bucket of Flesh

Dark Waters End is:

John William – vocals
Elijah Masiko – guitar
Ian Wright – guitar
Chris Williams – bass
Ian McGarry – drums

Next Show: Unscheduled

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Matty Bluntz Rolling Papers

From the Man Himself (printed inside the package):

“You hold in your hand Tampa’s finest rolling papers. A portion of the cost of our products goes to feed the hungry through Random Acts of Kindness, South West Florida. Thank you for your purchase! RandomActsKindness

What else needs to be fucking said? The man is a saint…

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Sound of the Underground: Episode V Detailed Info

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WARLAB (image by BamBamJack)

Hometown: Tampa Bay, Florida

Description: Hardcore Metal Behemoth

Heard on Podcast: Don’t Trust Anyone


Matt – Vocals
Patrick – Guitar
Boodle – Guitar
Donny – Bass
Seth – Drums

Next Show: April 28th at the Orpheum in Tampa, with Cypher Machine, Aegea, and Nonpoint.

Tickets available here!

WARLAB merch, music, and contact info:





Feverwar (image from FaceBook page)

Hometown: Chesapeake, Ohio

Description: Dirty, Filthy Rock and Roll

Heard on Podcast: I’ll be Damned, Rhektt

Feverwar is:

Nicholous Thomas – Vocals
Nathan Blake – Guitar/Vocals
Abraham Bentley – Bass
Jaydon Bennett – Guitar
Jeffrey McClelland – Drums/Vocals

Next Show: Unscheduled

Feverwar merch, music, and contact info:







From Another Planet (image provided by band):

Hometown: Chillicothe, Ohio

Description: Progressive Death Metal

Heard on Podcast: Dream, Megaton Bloodbath

From Another Planet is:

Nick Davisson – Guitar
Jesse Mitten – Drums
Marcus White – Bass
Shayne DePugh – Guitar
Michael Leone – Vocals

Next Show: May 11th at Ruby Tuesday Live in Columbus, Ohio, with Bareknuckle Redemption, Warn the Others, and Vehemian.

From Another Planet merch, music, and contact info:





Wastelands (image by Eddie Trefurt):

Hometown: Essex County, New Jersey

Description: Gritty, Ass-Kicking NJ Hardcore

Heard on Podcast: 11:38, Casket Ride

Wastelands is:

Dante – Guitar
Titus – Guitar
Mort – Vocals

Next Show: Unscheduled

Wastelands merch, music, and contact info:






Born to Expire (image from FaceBook page):

Hometown: San Carlos Park, Florida

Description: Brutal Florida Death Metal

Heard on Podcast: Rejects of God

Born to Expire is:

Derrek Connolly – Vocals
Matt Reilley – Guitar
Derrick Byal – Drums
Gage Eyeless – Bass

Next Show: May 4th at WWLF Studios in Hudson, Florida, with Corpus, Bottomfeeders, and Encrypted, and Violent Persuasions.

Born to Expire merch, music, and contact info:





MasterSoundTampaMaster Sound Tampa (image from FaceBook page):

Lots of love and respect to Arthur McBarfson and Matty Bluntz for the brain-smashing new intro. Ordered, created, quality checked, and delivered… in a 24 hour period! The skill and professionalism these guys possess is second to none.

Whatever your audio needs may be, it can be done at Master Sound Tampa!

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The D.O.O.D.

Some bands are monsters in the studio. Others are killers on the stage. Occasionally, a select few pop up that are masters of video. The truly rare ones, however, are fully capable of blowing your senses in any medium they want.

Sarasota’s own The D.O.O.D. (short-hand for The Distinguished Order of Disobedience) is firmly entrenched on that shortlist of acts that can (and will) snatch you by the hair and subject you to the thunder… in every way imaginable.

Jonzey1 Dominating the stage and successfully channeling that theatric energy onto recorded tracks and videos, The D.O.O.D. is a talented band of charismatic fiends.

Guitarist Raynus has a riff-oriented, tasty style. It’s not only heavy as fuck, it stands out. Raynus offers up the kind of guitar work that jolts people into learning to play themselves so they can rock the hell out, too.

Jonzey (bass) and Rob (drums) are a diabolical, surgically tight rhythm section. Together they paint a solid, thumping backdrop for Raynus to do his thing, and they paint that backdrop without becoming part of the background. Rob is a staccato-beat leviathan, and Jonzey transitions between heart-beat throbbing and silky smooth bass lines better than you do anything.


The focal point of The D.O.O.D.’s particular brand of audio mayhem is the undeniable vocal ability of Brian Amoroso. He’s more than a lead singer… he’s a true front-man. From rough barking and insane screams to melodic growls and powerful cleans (complete with vibrato), the man’s voice is a well-rounded weapon that he uses to effectively bludgeon or fillet as he sees fit. Capable of both projecting a myriad of emotions with his voice alone (on recordings) and multiplying that experience by a factor of ten with his stage presence (live), Brian absolutely takes The D.O.O.D. over the top.

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The Vilest Breed: Evil, Gutteral, and Raw…

Everybody claims their scene is heavy. Until they hear what Florida has to offer.

Something truly brutal is clawing it’s way out of the depths of Venice, spitting fury, attitude, and music so infernal the only name that fit was The Vilest Breed.

It’s a damn good description.

Playing Tampa’s Brass Mug (as a three-piece), The Vilest Breed crushed the stage, the crowd, and every ear-drum in the house.

Greg1Greg Oliva, a fount of endless energy behind the kit, pummeled the fuck out of those poor skins. The drummer in a band this heavy has no choice but be a bad-ass (especially with no bassist), and Greg fits the bill. He’s more than capable of producing blast beats that cause internal organ rupture, and he did so with relish.

Jay1As the sole string musician onstage, guitarist Jay Hamilton had a helluva lot of responsibility riding on his shoulders. He brought down the house. Not only did he coax the sounds of hell out of his guitar, but he managed to take a text from his mother, throw his body around the stage (so violently that he left bits of clothing in his wake), and bellow fiendishly toward the mic…

ActionShotSince we’re on the subject of mics and fiends, it needs to officially recognized that frontwoman Alice Oliva is a goddamned insane vocalist. Deep, powerful gutterals and howling, demonic shrieks, the whole death metal vocal range is hers to command.

How does all of this mayhem sound when it’s welded together and aimed at the audience? Loud, aggressive, and powerful. Between Greg thumping away on the back half of the stage and Jay and Alice carving up the front, it’s a wonder the fucking thing didn’t explode…

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Darksworn: One Man Killer

The thing about genres:

  • Punk rockers can pick up an instrument, learn a few cords, and proceed to kick ass.
  • Hardcore acts need a little more skill (and learning how to vomit rage without damaging your vocal cords takes practice).
  • Melodic death metal demands technique.

Precision, theory, and a deep understanding of your chosen instrument (and its fit within song structure) are required… otherwise heavy mush happens. A person would have to be a musical force of nature to possess enough sheer talent to single-handedly fill every spot in a death metal outfit (and turn out something digestible).

Alan Blaisdell is that force.

Darksworn is a legit melodic death metal band of one. Double bass monstrosity on the skins, technical guitar wizardry (including hyper precise picking, two handed tapping, and scales from hell), guttural vocals applied as needed, accomplished (astonishingly) by a single person, and it’s better than simply digestible. It’s damn tasty!

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From Another Planet is Here to Conquer Earth

Chillicothe, Ohio is known for a few things:

  • The luxurious fragrance of the Meade Paper Mill floating on the cold morning wind
  • The Harley Shop on Eastern Avenue
  • Being the First (and Third) capitol of Ohio

Chillicothe can now add soul-blistering metal to its list of accolades, in the form of native sons From Another Planet!

As stated in their bio, the band is made up of “longtime friends who’ve been creating music together since their early adolescent years”.

None of that childhood time together was wasted, because these guys are fucking technicians. From Another Planet creates a sonic wall of thundering, staccato drums, masterful slap bass, and dual, intertwined (and I mean siamese twin intertwined) guitars. Add the gamut running vocals (dark, guttural lows climbing to vibrant, screeching highs) into the mix, and the end result is a potent, progressive metal brew that somehow comes out so tight it’s almost impossible to tell the instruments apart!

Interview with the band to come later, as well as From Another Planet dedicated episode of BamRising: The Sound of the Underground.

New EP Seasonal Affective out now (you owe it to yourself to give it a listen)…


Seasonal Affective available for immediate download at:


Videos available on:



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From Another Planet is:

Michael Leone – Vocals, Lyrics
Nick Davisson – Guitar
Shayne DePugh – Guitar
Marcus White – Bass, Vocals
Jesse Mitten – Drums, Percussion




Wastelands @ Irving Plaza

Wastelands lived up to their name.

They stepped up, plugged in, and proceeded to lay waste to NYC’s Irving Plaza!

New Jersey’s meanest outfit (with no members named Glenn, Jerry, or Doyle) brought it to the stage, and they brought it hard enough to stun the crowd. The band chemistry is maniacal!

Ripped, physically imposing ghouls, the rhythm section grinds out heavy, brutal, thunder and sets it rolling across the stage like a tide of doom….. smashing directly into the pulse-pounding guttural roar emanating from vocalist Michael “Mort” Howard.

Intensity, pure force, and unholy rage is a combination that fucking works wonders, because catching a brick in the teeth (to the soundtrack of buzzing chainsaws) is less intense than Wastelands.

On a side note, I didn’t realize it was possible for a human (if human he is) to levitate through sheer projected rage until I saw Mort do it onstage…

Let me know when the next show is, you bunch of fucking killers, and BamBamjack will be there (this time with a fucking camera)…

Standout Tracks:
Grasping at Straws (Serpents Tongue, 2016)
Pariah (Single, 2017)

Support Wastelands at:

Find additional Wastelands info on Facebook

Wastelands is:
Tito Valentin: Guitar
Michael “Mort” Howard: Vocals
Dante Dallavalle: Guitar
Cam Siss: Bass
Joe Calotta: Drums