The D.O.O.D.

Some bands are monsters in the studio. Others are killers on the stage. Occasionally, a select few pop up that are masters of video. The truly rare ones, however, are fully capable of blowing your senses in any medium they want.

Sarasota’s own The D.O.O.D. (short-hand for The Distinguished Order of Disobedience) is firmly entrenched on that shortlist of acts that can (and will) snatch you by the hair and subject you to the thunder… in every way imaginable.

Jonzey1 Dominating the stage and successfully channeling that theatric energy onto recorded tracks and videos, The D.O.O.D. is a talented band of charismatic fiends.

Guitarist Raynus has a riff-oriented, tasty style. It’s not only heavy as fuck, it stands out. Raynus offers up the kind of guitar work that jolts people into learning to play themselves so they can rock the hell out, too.

Jonzey (bass) and Rob (drums) are a diabolical, surgically tight rhythm section. Together they paint a solid, thumping backdrop for Raynus to do his thing, and they paint that backdrop without becoming part of the background. Rob is a staccato-beat leviathan, and Jonzey transitions between heart-beat throbbing and silky smooth bass lines better than you do anything.


The focal point of The D.O.O.D.’s particular brand of audio mayhem is the undeniable vocal ability of Brian Amoroso. He’s more than a lead singer… he’s a true front-man. From rough barking and insane screams to melodic growls and powerful cleans (complete with vibrato), the man’s voice is a well-rounded weapon that he uses to effectively bludgeon or fillet as he sees fit. Capable of both projecting a myriad of emotions with his voice alone (on recordings) and multiplying that experience by a factor of ten with his stage presence (live), Brian absolutely takes The D.O.O.D. over the top.

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