Darksworn: One Man Killer

The thing about genres:

  • Punk rockers can pick up an instrument, learn a few cords, and proceed to kick ass.
  • Hardcore acts need a little more skill (and learning how to vomit rage without damaging your vocal cords takes practice).
  • Melodic death metal demands technique.

Precision, theory, and a deep understanding of your chosen instrument (and its fit within song structure) are required… otherwise heavy mush happens. A person would have to be a musical force of nature to possess enough sheer talent to single-handedly fill every spot in a death metal outfit (and turn out something digestible).

Alan Blaisdell is that force.

Darksworn is a legit melodic death metal band of one. Double bass monstrosity on the skins, technical guitar wizardry (including hyper precise picking, two handed tapping, and scales from hell), guttural vocals applied as needed, accomplished (astonishingly) by a single person, and it’s better than simply digestible. It’s damn tasty!

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