Wastelands @ Irving Plaza

Wastelands lived up to their name.

They stepped up, plugged in, and proceeded to lay waste to NYC’s Irving Plaza!

New Jersey’s meanest outfit (with no members named Glenn, Jerry, or Doyle) brought it to the stage, and they brought it hard enough to stun the crowd. The band chemistry is maniacal!

Ripped, physically imposing ghouls, the rhythm section grinds out heavy, brutal, thunder and sets it rolling across the stage like a tide of doom….. smashing directly into the pulse-pounding guttural roar emanating from vocalist Michael “Mort” Howard.

Intensity, pure force, and unholy rage is a combination that fucking works wonders, because catching a brick in the teeth (to the soundtrack of buzzing chainsaws) is less intense than Wastelands.

On a side note, I didn’t realize it was possible for a human (if human he is) to levitate through sheer projected rage until I saw Mort do it onstage…

Let me know when the next show is, you bunch of fucking killers, and BamBamjack will be there (this time with a fucking camera)…

Standout Tracks:
Grasping at Straws (Serpents Tongue, 2016)
Pariah (Single, 2017)

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Wastelands is:
Tito Valentin: Guitar
Michael “Mort” Howard: Vocals
Dante Dallavalle: Guitar
Cam Siss: Bass
Joe Calotta: Drums

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