Life of Agony @ Irving Plaza


From the opening palm muted fury of This Time, to the scratching as Little Spots of You fades out, I have hungrily devoured every scrap of anything Life of Agony has released. I hauled the wife and kid from the dreary gloom of Ohio to New York’s bright neon glow to be at Irving Plaza on April 28th where I physically gave witness to the world tour kick off (A Place Where There’s No More Pain tour), and every second was righteous…

The line from the front door was blocks long, and every motherfucker (or motherfuckette) standing in it was stoked to be there!

I had conversations with Marines on leave, a waitress, a dancer, a few guitar players, and a tattoo artist. We all had love for each other, and love for the band. We are the Underground. That’s how much Life of Agony means to hardcore fans. Been deployed for ten months? Fuck it. Been elbow deep in other people’s dirty ass dishes? Fuck it. Drove 800 miles to get here? Fuck it. We’re here, and we are the Underground…

The energy build up as the lights dimmed quickly became incendiary.

When the moment of truth finally came, Mina Caputo hit the mic like a goddamn banshee (and the second she opened her mouth the place exploded). That woman is my fucking spirit animal. She’s the Queen of New York, and (in my opinion) the Queen of Rock and Roll. She’s the Queen of whatever she wants to be, and (judging by the batshit insane crowd she had in her complete control) Irving Plaza agreed with me.

Alan, Sal, and Joey were no less than legendary. 

This is the rhythm section that thumped out the heartbeat of my formative years, and Alan is the author of lyrics that fucking shaped the person I have ultimately become. The moment was so magical, I forgot to take pictures…

For one night at Irving Plaza, I experienced a transfer of raw emotion between an absolute shitload of people and witnessed the throb of the Underground.

The world would be a better place if we all did that…

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