From Another Planet is Here to Conquer Earth

Chillicothe, Ohio is known for a few things:

  • The luxurious fragrance of the Meade Paper Mill floating on the cold morning wind
  • The Harley Shop on Eastern Avenue
  • Being the First (and Third) capitol of Ohio

Chillicothe can now add soul-blistering metal to its list of accolades, in the form of native sons From Another Planet!

As stated in their bio, the band is made up of “longtime friends who’ve been creating music together since their early adolescent years”.

None of that childhood time together was wasted, because these guys are fucking technicians. From Another Planet creates a sonic wall of thundering, staccato drums, masterful slap bass, and dual, intertwined (and I mean siamese twin intertwined) guitars. Add the gamut running vocals (dark, guttural lows climbing to vibrant, screeching highs) into the mix, and the end result is a potent, progressive metal brew that somehow comes out so tight it’s almost impossible to tell the instruments apart!

Interview with the band to come later, as well as From Another Planet dedicated episode of BamRising: The Sound of the Underground.

New EP Seasonal Affective out now (you owe it to yourself to give it a listen)…


Seasonal Affective available for immediate download at:


Videos available on:



Connect with From Another Planet on:





From Another Planet is:

Michael Leone – Vocals, Lyrics
Nick Davisson – Guitar
Shayne DePugh – Guitar
Marcus White – Bass, Vocals
Jesse Mitten – Drums, Percussion




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