Darksworn: One Man Killer

The thing about genres: Punk rockers can pick up an instrument, learn a few cords, and proceed to kick ass. Hardcore acts need a little more skill (and learning how to vomit rage without damaging your vocal cords takes practice). Melodic death metal demands technique. Precision, theory, and a deep understanding of your chosen instrumentContinue reading “Darksworn: One Man Killer”

From Another Planet is Here to Conquer Earth

Chillicothe, Ohio is known for a few things: The luxurious fragrance of the Meade Paper Mill floating on the cold morning wind The Harley Shop on Eastern Avenue Being the First (and Third) capitol of Ohio Chillicothe can now add soul-blistering metal to its list of accolades, in the form of native sons From AnotherContinue reading “From Another Planet is Here to Conquer Earth”

Wastelands @ Irving Plaza

Wastelands lived up to their name. They stepped up, plugged in, and proceeded to lay waste to NYC’s Irving Plaza! New Jersey’s meanest outfit (with no members named Glenn, Jerry, or Doyle) brought it to the stage, and they brought it hard enough to stun the crowd. The band chemistry is maniacal! Ripped, physically imposingContinue reading “Wastelands @ Irving Plaza”

Doyle @ Huntington V-Club

WEDNESDAY, MARCH 29TH, 2017: DOYLE TAKES THE STAGE AT THE V-CLUB IN HUNTINGTON. WEST VIRGINIA WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. Touring in support of the Abominator album, Doyle’s four-man crew destroyed innocence and blistered eardrums, laying waste to their instruments along the way. Alex Story writhed his way through the set (while absolutely shredding hisContinue reading “Doyle @ Huntington V-Club”