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The BamBamJack Team

Our mascot, the Screaming Demon,
aka Death Bringer, aka Jeff.

Just don’t call him Pooky (he hates that…)



Self-described as a “death metal connoisseur, lover of beef stew, and good at pictures.”

Worth noting: Teej is no longer permitted to write his own bio.


Creative Director/Graphics and Web

The Alpha-Female above all other females, whose very presence on this sniveling planet bestows glory and wonderment to all graced by her presence.

Worth noting: Teej is DEFINITELY permitted to write Julie’s bio.


Co-host/Content Creator/PR

Mildly charismatic and usually perched on a couch spitting snarky one-liners (for podcasting purposes).

Worth noting: this description received a 2/3 vote, of which Woody wasn’t one.


The inspiration.
The one, the only… Jack!

‘Nuff Said.

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