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BamBamJack exists for a single reason:

Find the hardest, heaviest underground bands that are grinding their asses off, and use whatever resources we have at our disposal to get them in front of as many fans as possible.

We sell limited ad space, because our scene is hardcore, punk, and death metal (censorship has no place here). If we want to say fuck, we’re going to. Having said that:

BamBamJack fucking needs your support!

We run our recording programs on ancient PC’s, use shitty headsets, shitty USB mics, and use shitty programs to conduct our phone interviews. We’d really like to rectify all this shittiness (and please, no TP jokes, because we can’t afford TP)…

If you feel the burning desire to help us out in the name of bone-shaking, vertigo inducing heavy rock… please support us by subscribing!

$1 Subscription (through Patreon) 

Have mercy!