Need a Face Mask?

Of course you do, and they’re hard to come by.

It’s difficult to protect yourself and your family if you can’t get your hands on a proper face mask!

If you can’t find one, here’s your way to both stay safe and support a local musician (otherwise known as kicking ass twice)!



Carla PruittThe Distinguished Order of Disobedience

Buy a high quality facemask from none other than Carla Pruitt (AKA Pinky D.O.O.D.)!

She’s taking time off from dominating the stage with her band The D.O.O.D. to make facemasks full time during the quarantine, so help yourselves by helping her!

Carla is super skilled and ready for your order (children’s masks, too, bad-assery comes in all sizes), but please keep in mind that the Hero of our story is only human, and there’s only one of her. She’s working around the clock, and each order is handmade. Overnight delivery is not happening.

Having said that, here’s the deets:

Mask (Front)

Masks are $12 USD each. Shipping is $3.80 USD per order (not per mask)

  • Hand Washable
  • 700 Thread Count (Medical Grade is 600)
  • Removable Medical Grade HEPA Filter (Hand Washable, Multi-Use)


Carla accepts payment through PayPal at



to get in touch with Carla via Facebook!


BamBamJack makes zero money from Carla’s hard work. If you decide to purchase a mask all proceeds go directly to her. As a matter of fact, we bought three masks ourselves!


We love Carla, and you’ll love your mask!