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Sound of the Underground: Episode V Detailed Info

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WARLAB (image by BamBamJack)

Hometown: Tampa Bay, Florida

Description: Hardcore Metal Behemoth

Heard on Podcast: Don’t Trust Anyone


Matt – Vocals
Patrick – Guitar
Boodle – Guitar
Donny – Bass
Seth – Drums

Next Show: April 28th at the Orpheum in Tampa, with Cypher Machine, Aegea, and Nonpoint.

Tickets available here!

WARLAB merch, music, and contact info:




Feverwar (image from FaceBook page)

Hometown: Chesapeake, Ohio

Description: Dirty, Filthy Rock and Roll

Heard on Podcast: I’ll be Damned, Rhektt

Feverwar is:

Nicholous Thomas – Vocals
Nathan Blake – Guitar/Vocals
Abraham Bentley – Bass
Jaydon Bennett – Guitar
Jeffrey McClelland – Drums/Vocals

Next Show: Unscheduled

Feverwar merch, music, and contact info:






From Another Planet (image provided by band):

Hometown: Chillicothe, Ohio

Description: Progressive Death Metal

Heard on Podcast: Dream, Megaton Bloodbath

From Another Planet is:

Nick Davisson – Guitar
Jesse Mitten – Drums
Marcus White – Bass
Shayne DePugh – Guitar
Michael Leone – Vocals

Next Show: May 11th at Ruby Tuesday Live in Columbus, Ohio, with Bareknuckle Redemption, Warn the Others, and Vehemian.

From Another Planet merch, music, and contact info:




Wastelands (image by Eddie Trefurt):

Hometown: Essex County, New Jersey

Description: Gritty, Ass-Kicking NJ Hardcore

Heard on Podcast: 11:38, Casket Ride

Wastelands is:

Dante – Guitar
Titus – Guitar
Mort – Vocals

Next Show: Unscheduled

Wastelands merch, music, and contact info:





Born to Expire (image from FaceBook page):

Hometown: San Carlos Park, Florida

Description: Brutal Florida Death Metal

Heard on Podcast: Rejects of God

Born to Expire is:

Derrek Connolly – Vocals
Matt Reilley – Guitar
Derrick Byal – Drums
Gage Eyeless – Bass

Next Show: May 4th at WWLF Studios in Hudson, Florida, with Corpus, Bottomfeeders, and Encrypted, and Violent Persuasions.

Born to Expire merch, music, and contact info:





Master Sound Tampa (image from FaceBook page):

Lots of love and respect to Arthur McBarfson and Matty Bluntz for the brain-smashing new intro. Ordered, created, quality checked, and delivered… in a 24 hour period! The skill and professionalism these guys possess is second to none.

Whatever your audio needs may be, it can be done at Master Sound Tampa!

Get in touch via:










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